Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Moores of Abbs Valley

On 21 July 1786, Walter Crockett, County Lieutenant of Montgomery County, Virginia, wrote Governor Patrick Henry the following:
"I am sorry to inform your Excellency that on the 14th instant, a party of Indians supposed to be about 40 or 50 in number, came to the house of Captain James Moore on Bluestone, in this county, and killed himself, and his whole family, eleven in number, and carried off his whole stock, which was very valuable. They likewise burned the house and fencing, and left several war clubs and arrows and to all appearances are for continuing hostilities."
In 1928 the descendants of Captain Moore erected a monument of gray limestone and placed upon it a large bronze placard engraved with the following:
"Erected to the memory of Captain James
Moore, a soldier of the Revolution having
commanded a company at Cowpens, Guilford
Courthouse and Kings Mountain.
Killed by Indians, July 14, 1786
Martha Poage and Jane Moore, wife and
daughter who were captured and taken to
Chillicothe, Ohio, and burned at the stake.
William, Alexander, Margaret, John, and
infant children of Captain Moore who were massacred.
James and Mary Moore, son and daughter,
and to Martha Evans, who were captured
and carried to Canada, held captive for five
years. Were rescued by Thomas Evans,
brother of Martha Evans.
Though he slay me yet will I trust him.
Erected by their descendants. 1928."